Hollywood to renovate Sherman Street Bridge

Bombs Away: Hollywood Braces for Historic 4 Straight Weeks of Megaflops

“The repairs are pretty much concentrated to the extended wing wall that’s at the southeast corner of the bridge,” she said. “The work is expected to take about two months to complete.” Storey said the city is being proactive with the project. “[The bridge] is structurally sound for traffic,” she said. “The repairs are mostly to maintain the stability of the side slope conditions of the bridge, so there is no concern that the main bridge structure is in danger of being structurally unsound or that the road is in any jeopardy.” The city has been trying to secure a contractor for the project since late last year. A bid of $147,520 by H.A.
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Two Hollywood Producers Can’t Escape Foreign Bribery Penalty

our editor recommends Silvio Berlusconi’s Daughter Questioned in Mafia Bribery Case Bringing the appeal were Gerald Green, whose producing credits include Rescue Dawn, and Patricia Green, who was a producer of The New Swiss Family Robinson. The husband-and-wife team also ran the Bangkok International Film Festival after winning contracts from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The festival brought in an estimated $140 million of profits and ranked among the top 15 film festivals in the world.
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This summer will see at least 20 films with budgets over $100 million — six more than last year. With so much popcorn competition, major casualties were a given. But this run of high-megaton bombs comes at an odd time: Right after record-breaking grosses in May and June that put summer 2013 on pace to be the biggest ever. Since then, it’s been an ugly run for would-be blockbusters. Sony’s $150 million “White House Down” started the slide with less than $25 million the weekend of June 28.Disney’s $225 million “The Lone Ranger” followed with $29 million over the July 4 weekend. Now,Guillermo del Toro’s $180 million giant robot extravaganza”Pacific Rim” istracking to open at around $30 million this weekend. Also read: Summer Box Office Up 13 Percent: How Hollywood’s Big Bet Is Paying Off Early projections have the Jeff Bridges-Ryan Reynolds tale “R.I.P.D.” opening below $15 million, a dismal return on a $130 million production budget.
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